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Name City State Country
BS DATA - BS Consultores Arequipa   Peru
Byte Craft Sdn. Bhd. Kuala Lumpur   Malaysia
BYTEC GmbH Tettnang   Germany
C.R.I. REZÉ   France
Caldera Lindon Utah United States
Caldera Systems Education Services Lindon Utah United States
Canadian Business College Toronto Ontario Canada
Canal Livre Education Center Chapecó   Brazil
CBTI Informática Brasilia   Brazil
CCS Computer Systems, Inc. Lynnwood Washington United States
CEISA solution provider di Pablo Gil Roma   Italy
Center for Information Sciences & Technology Houston Texas United States
Center of Computer Training at Bauman MSTU Moscow   Russian Federation
Centriq University Overland Park Kansas United States
Centro de Capacitacion Linux Montevideo   Uruguay
Centro di Formazione Professionale "Luigi Einaudi" Bolzano   Italy
CertFirst Integrated Knowledge Solutions Oak Brook Illinois United States

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